Frequently asked questions...

Do I have to sign a contract?


We don't need any long term commitments from you. All we ask is for you to sign and return our terms of agreement form so you are clear on all aspects of the service we provide. Should the time come when you require no further help, please inform us by calling or writing and complete the current month you've paid Housework Magic for. Please view our terms of agreement PDF for more information.


Can I cancel at anytime?


Yes. As mentioned above, please inform us of a date you wish to finish and complete the current month you've paid Housework Magic for as we do not provide refunds for our monthly payment.

Do you provide the cleaning products?


No. You provide the cleaning materials for our regular weekly and fortnightly house cleaning services. This way it allows us to keep our prices competitive and gives you the choice of preferred cleaning products being used.

What insurance do you have?


For your peace of mind we have comprehensive insurance, covering up to £1,000,000. Please see our terms of agreement (PDF link above) for more information.

Can I meet the cleaner before my first house clean?


Of course. We arrange a time convenient for you to meet one of our excellent cleaners.

Are your cleaners reference checked?


Every one of our cleaners has been thouroughly vetted, has submitted proof of idenity, proof of address and provided us with extensive reference information. With this in mind, and an interview process which filters out only the very best applicants, we make sure you have the right person available to help with those housework chores.


Do they speak English?


Yes. We provide you with the best available person: no one is appointed to a job unless they are competent to do it-this includes being able to communicate well with you.

What if I am not happy with my cleaner?


In the unlikely scenario you're not happy about anything, please let us know and we'll do our best to sort it out immediately. If this requires a change of person, we will discuss all aspects with you and look to resolve quickly.